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More Tips on Writing Comics: what artists wish you wouldn't do, part 2

1) Don’t say “Have fun with this!”

2) Don’t use endless film-speak.

3) Don’t use narrative text that replicates action or describes imagery that would be more striking if left wordless.

4) Often in comics you need less verbally-expressed acting (and therefore fewer actual words) in the dialogue than you would in a prose project, because the characters will be visually expressing the emotional/personality content of what they’re saying.

5) “The dawn light glints off the spokes of a thousand bicycles in downtown Shanghai…”No. No, it does not.

6)Don’t dump a script about a rampaging giant robot in the lap of somebody whose portfolio is full of chatty comics about cute girls.

7) If you’re writing about a weird topic, give the artist some reference sources.

Just the bolded summary of her points, click the link for more discussion.

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    if anyone ever wanted me to draw a comic for them, i would not mind them telling me to ‘have fun’ with it. but this is...